Airplane travel presents the best means for long distances travels when time is of the essence. To most people, flying gives them an opportunity to relax and think through their vacation plans. As a passenger, it is essential to consider other passengers a good time. Unfortunately, some passengers do not have even a basic idea of what it means to have airplane etiquette. Ideally, etiquette on airplanes is all about to give attendants and passengers an easy time during the journey.

Use of Reclining Seats

passengers seatedWhen it comes to matters of airplane etiquette, it is imperative to look at how well you use your chairs. As much as you might want to get comfy all the way, you need to think about the interests of the passenger behind you and make sure you do not intrude into their space. As a tip, the best way to use recliner chairs is to recline then by half of the maximum recycling angle.

Sharing the Arm Rest

In most cases, there is at least one armrest to be shared. Do not be like those passengers that elbow other occupants for some arm space. Using the armrests requires you not to overreach the other passenger’s space, and at times, this could mean not using the shared armrest. Airplane etiquette demands that you should avoid touching the other passenger’s body by ensuring your arm occupies half of the vertical length of the armrest.

How You Talk

Taking is a good way of getting along with the ones seated close to you. However, airplane etiquette demands that you should refrain from talking too much. However, feel free to share whatever you feel like provided the one you are talking to is shows real interest. Be keen to look at the non-verbal cues of those around you and if they are not interested in having a chat, suit yourself and find something better to do.

Looking Out

airplane window viewThe sky can be an absolute wonder when flying. Some people without peeping outside while other just cannot do without looking at the sky. If you are among those that simply cannot stay without starring out, do the other passenger a favor by requesting a window seat before boarding the plane. Constant learning over someone to watch the sun or the skies is utterly annoying.

When flying, it is imperative to mind the welfare of those around you. In a way, acting responsibly will see your responsible actions reciprocated by those around you.